A Day at Home

“I want to get so many things done. If only I had time,” said someone in the office.

“I just want some goddamned rest, this is a crazy world we live in,” hissed another.

“The traffic jams are scary. The cost of fuel is getting out of control,” another chimed in.

“Imagine traveling in a metro. You exhale your CO2, and inhale others’,” valid point of someone else.

“I don’t even have a metro nearby. Imagine changing buses, getting into e-rickshaws, especially while being really tall,” the tall silent guy also put forth his complaints.

A couple of hours of cribbing went on in the office, where they have supposedly so much to do and the boss is a bastard. Yet, they have been wasting a considerable time at the office. These people are found everywhere, always cribbing about everything. From their toothbrush not being soft enough, to not having enough time to sleep, or not being able to get the resources or trust of their employer. To be honest, toothbrushes are of different styles, everyone has 24 hours in the day, and if the employer doesn’t trust you, he will not be keeping you on the roll when everything is not as rosy for him either.

And then comes the lockdown. So the people who didn’t have time got the time. What did they do? Cribbing. Why the government isn’t doing enough? Why do they have to work? Why can’t they go out for a bit? This is affecting me mentally. Let’s play Ludo King. Let’s just lie down and do nothing. I’ll plan and work on my skills from tomorrow onwards.

“I really miss going to office and seeing you guys,” started someone.

“Me too. Our boss is kind of a good guy. Our salaries did come, after all,” voiced another.

“Not being able to travel and be in touch with people is so frustrating,” another one spoke, echoed by a couple of others.

“I miss driving really,” the one who complained about traffic and fuel prices.

“But we will be starting on our skills tomorrow,” shouted everyone excitedly. They did it everyday.

Yet, the day at home went from lazily getting up, spending time on Facebook, fighting for ideology, then chatting about it on WhatsApp, ultimately ending the day with the thought “this world is too messed up, can’t do anything about it.”

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