Coffee Bloom: A Beautiful Content Driven Drama

Honestly, coming across this movie was an accident- via Wynk Movies. I had no idea such a movie existed. Then the tagline- nothing fascinates more than clarity caught my eye. Decided to go through with the film thereafter.

Dev has renounced the world after failing in love- leading to his mother calling him not worth to scatter her ashes. After her death, he decides to improve himself to be able to scatter her ashes by being a good son. When his old love Anika’s husband offers him to see through the process of plantation towards the coffee bloom, Dev and Anika have to stay together for a month where he tries to be a worthy son, she tries to support her husband and fight her old feelings, while her husband- Srinivas- tries to read omens and signs and welcome the Coffee Bloom- for which he has already invested the last of his penny.

These off-beat films rely a lot on performances. All the three main lead along with support cast have put believable performances to hold you onto the film. Arjun Mathur as Dev Anand Kariappa is honest, Sugandha Garg as Anika has personified her role beautifully. Mohan Kapoor as Srinivas is delightful. In a short role, Ishwari Bose- Bhattacharya is stunning and the connecting link in the jigsaw puzzle.

Direction by debut director Manu Warrier is above average. This being his first film- he’s done admirable in this content driven drama. Yogesh Jaani as cinematographer had a lot of scope to work with, and he has done a beautiful job, though one feels he could have taken further liberty in portraying the estates and bloom.

The film is definitely worth watching for those looking for content and performance driven films. The climax of the film let down a little personally, however the film builds up slowly with a slow start to an intensifying drama with pre-climax being just brilliant.

IMDB Summary

Dev, though a self proclaimed wise man, finds comfort in being a loser, having given up on life as a result of a love gone wrong. A life changing event takes him on a journey to a coffee plantation. courtesy imdb

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