Free from Love: Shakespearean Style Sonnet 1

Written the names on earthen pot, both ours
you break it down with hammer from centre
the chances that it has to stay sans any scars
remain the chances you have to live the tremor
Humanity is as good as dead today
So safe it’s not to fall in affection
We must be practical and always fall on clay
the sand will take us in and gravel will stun
It is hard alright for humans we are born
It is hard alright for morals we are taught
But fools they are who take on storm and mourn
But brave they are who take up sword and blot
You men of power must free this world from breach
For love is a crime, for history must teach
After reading about Honor Killings.

Here’s how wiki describes Shakespearean Sonnets
Wiki: Shakespearean Sonnet
I’ve tried to follow the style, but haven’t fully been able to do justice to the iambic pentameter, as in the unstressed-stressed syllable. Will come up to that in the next attempts hopefully.

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