Hope? I Hope Not – Free for next 5 days, plus how to access it on phone and browser, and more…

Okay, let’s take this blog step by step. First of all, my book ‘Hope? I Hope Now!’ will be free for the next 5 days (starting around 12:30 PM IST – although exact time may vary). Why? I want to share stories with you and get some reviews on my book. So please buy the book and keep it with you, read it whenever you like. It is 55 pages breezy read, after all. And don’t forget to drop your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (and your blog, if possible, don’t forget to share links if you do).

There are books you read for their storyline, others you read for their descriptive narration, while still others you do just because they are from your favorite author and you being a loyal reader cannot not read them. Beside all these, there is another category of books one cannot help but read for its sheer honesty. ‘Hope? I Hope Not!’ is one such collection of 16 short stories, each one rallying around an emotion, a feeling, a value, and/or a human belief. Some of them will touch you, some might sensitize you, while other will shake you to the very core and you will be left staring into oblivion, wondering at the truthfulness of the words.

Deep R Downer, in the Foreword to ‘Hope? I Hope Now!’

Read the Foreword to the book by Deep R. Downer here

New Cover for the Book

The second information I want to share is with regard to the new Book Cover I’ll be using. Somewhere, the previous one’s idea being on point, it failed to deliver the right message. The book isn’t all dark, so the brightness is up here, and so I’ve fixed it here. I hope you will like this one better.

This book is like a Diwali bonus to provide provide you with several characters and several stories in just a couple of hours.

Aman Arora, in his review of the book.

Now I have people coming up to me to discuss the issues they have faced while reading this book. People without Kindle don’t really have it easy, right? So let me help you with how to open the Kindle book on your phone.


You can also read the book on a browser. In fact Chrome even lets you have the same offline access, or you can simple read by logging into https://read.amazon.com/ref=kcr_app_surl_cloudreader


I now have a Goodreads Author Account – please check out my books for single click access, more to come.


Amazon Author Account – again one place for all books.

Lastly, adding Goodreads book link and Amazon book link again. Please review. Also, in case you add reviews to your blog, please let me know. I’ll reblog them while quoting you.

Amazon Link


The Goodreads Book Link

I would like to thank everyone for the support till now, for my first serious book. Hoping to bring more to you. Meanwhile, don’t forget to read the Harry Potter and the Pandemic of the UK, and don’t forget to subscribe to the e-mails for further story.

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