Hormonated Blood

“The organ called heart:
Distributes blood to the parts of the body,
And gets back from every part,
The unpurified blood of the body.

Heart is our circulatory organ,
Very difficult to be transplanted,
And the poets do it without the vision,
This way of transplanted is unwanted.

You keep my heart and I’ll keep thy,
But do they know the complications involved?
About the antibodies asking why?
And the costs and operations involved?

The blood heart distributes, and carries-
Some of the hormones along,
Hormones are responsible for love stories,
Testosterone in males makes heart go ding dong.

Or rather not heart even,
It is the work of the brain,
Heart does circulation, has no such function,
Still we’re made to believe, education in vain.

Show him your cleavage-
And he’ll be yours for the time being:
Show him and set the stage-
For the hormones to be the king.

Why do we look into the eyes?
Because when you want to have sex, your pupils dilate-
And this, when you realize,
Assures you of your love’s state.”

This was what my friend had told-
There’s nothing like love between strangers,
Stupid me, didn’t understand ,
We before were friends, were strangers.

Then I met this boy with shiny eyes,
A fresh face, a stupid but cute smile.
No trace dilation in eyes, much to my surprise,
He definitely had some style.

I looked into the mirror,
And to my amazement.
My eyes had some water,
I had my hormones in excitement.

I walked into him, proposed him,
He said he had a girlfriend whom he loved.
A one night stand would do, I told him,
He said I didn’t probably understand what means to be loved.

With tears in my eyes,
I realized one thing.
You can’t always analyze,
Science can’t be right in everything.

Written from a girl’s perspective

2 thoughts on “Hormonated Blood”

  1. This piece cant be categorized as poetry since its different thoughts merged into one entity and all the 3 thoughts-biological,rational and emotional have a unique quality behind it.
    Thoughts are expressed well specially the demarcation of the function of a heart and a brain.The whole emotional angle made this piece go a little awry but was relevant to a certain extent.
    To sum it up would be difficult since it was about facts that few people acknowledge,being attempted to put together in a cohesive manner.

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