naukri 1954 kishore kumar bimal roy sheila ramani


It is often called the Golden Age of Indian Cinema, and plenty of examples keep coming through. This is the first film I’ve seen of Bimal Roy, one of the most acclaimed directors of the black and white generation, who told stories that were real and honest. Naukari is one such film which truly engages you right from the first note, where the protagonist Ratan Kumar Choudhary’s family is introduced – his old widowed mother who has to sell the last piece of jewelry to send him to Kolkata, his sister who suffers from TB, and his hope hanging on his BA results and the promise of a job the manager of his late father’s company made to him. Within the first 15 minutes, you know the plot, and yet you are drawn into it. He moves to Kolkata, experiences the harsh realities of life, lives in bekaar block which also houses 3 other unemployed youths in one room, and also develops a love interest (because Bollywood?)

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