Raavan Mini Review: Bollywood Movies

A very good movie, brilliant scenically, very good performances (surprisingly), good direction, obvious problems in editing though. The movie is truly beautiful, and very well thought and made. What takes away from it is no proper editing. Had the team been faithful to the original story, we may have seen less of Abhi-Aish but would’ve had a better movie (believing what media said). Some of the things didn’t make sense at times due to editing. The movie is an example of how on-screen chemistry isn’t as important as is sometimes shown in Bollywood movies and you need to be faithful to all the portions of the movie.

Abhishek Bachchan has given a surprisingly good performance in a character which he is hardly connected to, he seems a natural all the time. Aishwarya is surprisingly good again because you don’t expect good performances out of her. Vikram is excellent too. But of the characters that appear throughout, it’s Ravi Kishan who is the best according to me. And that’s difficult because performances have been all top-notch and believable. Govinda fans must rejoice, he has given a brilliant performance in his tiny role and it’s not comedy. Other characters didn’t have much of a role but all played part.

Who should watch it: Anyway who likes to watch movies for performances and cinematography and other aspects. Abhishek and Aishwarya fans, it’s a must watch for them.
Who shouldn’t watch it: The people who crave for paisa-vasool entertainment common in Bollywood movies.

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