Stanley ka Dabba – Mini Review

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Mini Review: A movie that will make your hearts open, will make you smile, will make you loath a couple of teachers, mostly the ‘khadus’, will make you dance with joy. It’s a simply story of realistic character Stanley who for some reason can’t get his tiffin box or ‘dabba’ to school, and Hindi teacher popular as ‘khadus’ who derives pleasure from eating from children’s tiffins. A tug-of-war is hilarious at times except for the end where it becomes slow, emotional and brings about a message. Cast and support cast is brilliant, technicalities are given preference, music is just to move the movie forward and not add any masala to it which is mostly the case with Bollywood.

Who Should Watch It? People who love children, who miss their school, who crave for innocence in day-to-day life, who believe life is simple. Also, the movie lovers, who love the performances, direction, cinematography and more such finer aspects of the movies.

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