क्या तुम साथ हो?

रूह का सफ़र थी ये ज़िंदगी,या फ़िर थी एक अँधेरी राह?अँधेरों में कैसे माने,क्या और है, क्या मेरा? सच जो रो रहा है,वो अकेला खड़ा है,वो तुमसे पूछता है,क्या तुम साथ हो? बातों की कमी नहीं थी ज़िंदगीदिलों की ज़ुबान भी ना थी गुमराहरोशनी जो मिल रही थी,कुछ और नहीं, साथ था, तेरा मेरा! साथ में जो शक़ जुड़ गया है,सच तो कहीं बिछड़ गया है,पीछे से पुकारता है,क्या तुम साथ हो? या तो तुम साथ होया मुझको भीये फ़र्क करनातुम सीखा दो सच भी कभी तोसच नहीचाहे लगनाउसे सीखा दो

What is even my Dream?

That experienced gentleman,A humane person,Yet to-the-point,Direct. The really sticky conundrum,He solved it,A simple solution,A question. What is your dream really?The one you think,Or the one I see?A statement. He suggested a leap of faith.Mumbai, of course,What else really?Mumbai. No, I was absolutely clear!Not with uncertainty,Not without them,Mummy-Papa! The conversation just conversed,Me within myself,Talking endlessly,This was …

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मैं और मैं!

अद्वैयता की बात भी है एक,और एक कहानी दो ‘मैं’ कीअद्वैयता नही है आसान कहीं,दो मैं पाता हर कोई मैं हूँ वो जो सुनता सब कीमैं ही वो जो सुनूँगा नहींमैं हूँ वो जो दिल से बोलेमैं हूँ वो जो बुजदिल भी बात बड़ी अंजानी सी हैबात मगर है एक सटीकमेरी नहीँ कोई एक है …

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You don’t teach,To dream,And then take away,Leaving little few. But it isn’t you,Of course,You always struggled,And that made you If it was dreams,Alone,You wouldn’t be youThe truest true In times like these,I truly wish,For a beautiful possibility,An after-life anew. But no more dreams,For now,Let’s bury the ones from past,A few moments with you Life hasn’t …

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There's no right, there's no wrong, there's no love, no loyalties; Everyone is after all, a human, defending their frailties.

So Are You!

There’s no right, there’s no wrong,there’s no love, no loyalties;Everyone is after all, a human,defending their frailties. So smile, just forget,everyone is wrong somewhereand so are youso are youPart of corrupted mentalities. You are not God, you’re human,Human with biases and flaws;So just move on, cut the frown,Journey within, leave outer formalities!

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