The First Walk

A baby takes its first step
Everybody enclosing, taking pictures, applauding
It is protected, in case of a slip
Everybody celebrating, delighted, approving

Everybody wanted it to walk
When they see, they smile, make it a celebrity
The baby is delighted
Stuttering it is- yet walks, to mother’s hug so lovely

When I stepped towards my dream
Nobody came; nobody wanted to see me walking
Everybody was angry
As if it were a crime to be dreaming

The confusions my heart felt
I can’t explain were just confusions
Why should anybody care for my dream?
I put aside all the illusions

My dream was my heart’s child
I would take care if it were to fall
If it isn’t mature enough to run as yet
I’ll take care it maintains its crawl

My heart would store the video in my heart
My heart would enclose, applaud and protect
Till it is big enough to run
My heart will take care; will help it in every act

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