A Beautiful Mind: Movie Review

A film based on a mathematician, a real story, is bound to be boring and yawn-inducing. Isn’t it?

This film, based on Genius Mathematician and Nobel Prize Winner John Nash’s life is actually made from a biography based on him.
The film, instead of being boring, is one of the most inspiration films and is full of intelligent wit and humor. 

The story is about a genius mathematician who’s always searching for something original and doesn’t buy doing old theorems. He passes Princeton with a brilliant theorem which has many applications and gets appointed at Wheeler’s. However, there things take a different turn. He gets appointed by the Big Brother of US Military for Classified Operations. Meanwhile, he falls in love and gets married to one of his students, Alicia.
The performances are spot-on. Nash (Russel Crowe) is different, and it looks here. He fits into the role of a genius mathematician who is a little different from others.  He also has ailments and there, the performance takes an even more believable turn. Alicia (Jennifer Conelly) is charming and lovable. And she does her part of being in love with a mad genius quite amazingly. Charles (Paul Bettany) as his friend is infectious in his attitude. Parcher (Ed Harris) is one of the stand-outs. He makes his character simply stand out.
Above all, I’d put the film’s main heroes as cinematographer, editor and direction. Direction and Editing carry the suspense element throughout the film, and cinematography is realistic and brilliant.

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