Harry Potter and the Pandemic in the UK – chapter 0 – the introduction

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In the cupboard under the stairs, Harry Potter was getting too tall to fit. The Dursleys were back, and had no regard for the man who had killed Voldemort and saved the world. It was befitting for the world’s most famous wizard, now with no equal, to be back to normal. He was allowed magic outside school. He did not pass school, in fact, however, Professor McGonagall had passed each student in the year.

There was one change that made it impossible for Harry to breathe. London and nearby areas were in lockdown due to a global pandemic that had caused thousands of deaths and lakhs of infections. It was growing by the day, and very few leaders around the world could raise their heads up. The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister himself had been rumored to be affected by this pandemic, ironically called SlythVi, because it originated from a man eating a snake one of the cities of China.

Harry Potter wasn’t allowed any letters or any exchanges, and he was waiting for his day to get out of the home and join his job in the Ministry of Magic at London. It was a common emotion between the Dusrleys and Harry, of happiness at his shifting away. They hoped he will never return. One of the nights, in one of his dreams, Harry saw Lily Potter. She was telling him ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’. He woke up to a throbbing pain. He was a wizard, what could a virus do to him, after all?  

The day when he had to finally depart arrived, with the Dusley fireplace raining letters, like it was the first time around. Only, it was not visible to Dusleys. The letters passed through them, and only Harry could see them. Harry took a couple of them to his cupboard under the stairs, and just as he was about to open the letter, the card of Dumbledore, that he had stuck on wall, screamed ‘No’. Harry was taken aback, but he was to always trust Dumbledore.

‘Collect all the letters, and taken them to the Hogwards to Madam Pomfrey,’ Dumbledore said.

‘But what about my job?’ asked Harry.

‘For the love of Godric, Harry, start paying attention to newspapers. Everyone is working from home. No new recruit is going to come. You will need a pass to enter Hogwarts, though. Take it from Sirius at his home.’

‘Sirius! Are you Serious? He is dead!’ wondered Harry, realizing that he was talking to his dead headmaster, when he sees Dumbledore unbelievably furious.

‘Headmaster, May I? –’ snapped Snape, suddenly appearing from the adjoining card, ‘Perhaps fame is at loggerheads with common sense and knowledge. Even the dead know more about the living world than you, Harry. Do you ever plan to grow up?.

‘Brief him about the situation, Severus. I’ve got to head the meeting of past Headmasters on this situation and take their cue, if they have ever seen anything like that. Join us when you are done, since you also belong to the elite company.’ Dumbledore vanished immediately, his last few words coming after he had gone.

‘It is the only time I wish you were intelligent, Harry, for Potions is the only thing that can help us. Stupidity in the name of bravery cannot, highhandedness cannot, and fame clearly cannot. So we will be going through some of the lessons again, when you are at Hogwards. We are looking at a pandemic, and only the Pure Bloods are the ones that are not going to be affected by it. You should thank your luck that Voldemort isn’t there anymore.’ Severus alternated between information and insults, clearly not losing his love for trolling Harry despite dying in all heroism. Trolling was the word he caught on recently, especially while traveling between the Muggles and the Magic world.

Harry travels via Floo Network to the Diagon Alley, where he meets Hagrid. He is about to hug Hagrid as Hagrid pushes him away via a bag in his hangs.

‘Blimey Harry, ye be a fool, don’t know nothin’? Ye be killed!’ Hagrid shouted.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Neva heard of ‘social distancing’, huh? And also, keep distance from Gringotts. Don’t forget, there’s still a hearing for your adventures at Gringotts, and with no Dumbledore, it isn’t going to be easy. Let’s not make things more difficult, shall we?’ Hagrid said while he started walking.

Harry wondered if he will ever have a normal start to his year.

‘This much distance is enough, now follow me as we collect the material Headmaster Snape has told you to.’

‘But why are you here, Hagrid?’ Harry almost screamed while following Hagrid at the distance.

‘On Dumbledore’s mission, Harry! Great Soul doesn’t even rest in his death’.

P.S. Still trying to learn Hagrid’s accent, so didn’t try too hard. Also, this story will go on longer.

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