Mortal & Deadly by D. R. Downer, A Quick Take: Brilliant Adult Fable Book

I can never forget fables. They were so beautiful. They had their heroes and villains, and they ended up teaching some important lessons in life, the ones that stayed. Somewhere, the tryst for real and gray spoiled our black and white world.

‘Mortal and Deadly’ by D.R. Downer brings the fables back in an adult form. The gray shades exist here, but it is so much high contrast that you can clearly take sides. You can also know what is right and what is right. The fact that writer took the 7 deadly sins and crafted 7 stories around each of them to further the point makes it even better.

It doesn’t mean, at any point though, that the stories aren’t engaging. On the contrary, my Kindle told me the reading time to be 1 hour 7 minutes something, and I finished it straight in much lesser time. I couldn’t drop it even while eating, even though my new-ish white Kindle had to beat the brunt.

Three words: Go for it. Two words: Bloody Brilliant. One word: Read!

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