Night/Long Exposure Shoots at Delhi-NCR

Hello and welcome back to another blog in Diary with Pictures. This is part of Delhi at Night (though technically, some of the shots are from NCR – Noida portion). We started with a plan of doing some time-lapse and long exposure in Chandni Chowk. We changed the plan due to high rush and the fact that we couldn’t do street while carrying two tripods and a bag. We then decided on Akshardham long exposure and light trails. Didn’t do that either, too much traffic being hindrance this time.

We then went on to Recce towards Noida region and found some great spots in the way. Lost our way and found this building accidentally which we shot for a while. This shot makes it in front of other equally good shots because of that beautifully parked beautiful white car. Frame was intentional.

Car Trails, Beautiful Long-exposed Building, And the show-stopper car. Do check in full screen mode.

On the way to Atta Market, stopped at a juice shop that looked so beautifully lit in the evening. It was a mouth-watering prospect for me personally while my photography partner didn’t even care.

Found this shop beautiful.

Moved on to Sector 18 Noida, and a temple in between attracted me. Titled: Inside temple, rich or poor, coming by car or by walk- all go barefoot.

Inside a temple, everyone is barefoot.

We finally moved on to the area in and around the market. Some of the pictures taken there. Pan Shop was looking attractive again. The restaurant building got me lots of different people in same frame along with the beautiful lights. And then the Raddisson and the Mall of India.

This shot of egg-roll center I had to be creative. Low-light was there, so I could show lot of motion yet needed something stable. So a tripod, and a couple of exposures (at same settings) helped me. In Photoshop, I took the pictures as layers, aligned them and played along with masks and opacity to get the desired result. Do you like this one?

A Curious Case of Double Exposure

Some of the architectural shots also were taken, and some shots I played on with compositions. Like including moonlit buildings and letting the moon take a different shape. All monochrome, only light and dark play is visible here.

A couple of more shots of lights to end this episode of Delhi at Night. This was a more successful shoot in my opinion.

Will come back in next episode with some of the earlier adventures- including the Search for Eagle Owl.

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