Of Mr. Shashi Tharoor and the Malgudi Man

Mr Shashi Tharoor has been in news of this magnitude second time. First, it was when he claimed Mr. R K Narayan’s writing carried no literary value. Second now, for this IPL controversy.

May be he is right about Mr. Narayan but what about this man? A man who has married twice and is helping a third one for the IPL bidding and shares is commenting about someone who has been a widower almost all his life and hasn’t really thought about anyone else. One is a saint, and the other is a modern day opportunist. So when this opportunist saw that the world is appreciating an Indian writer beyond his tactful mind can gauge, he went public in his views (or his ego/jealousy?) to prove to the world how wrong they are! The Grandmother’s Tale was full of emotions, but that was Narayan’s worst piece as per him, and surely the saint was unhappy over the remark. When the saint died, he was asked for some remarks (!) and he failed to give any positive thing. The point to be noted is this guy hardly seems to have got any of his grandmother’s message and his lifestyle shows he’s ready to sleep with a girl aged as his grandchild even. See, if this kind of a person comments on literary value, fine. May be that he has grabbed the literature under his paws. But he has in no way any right to comment on a Saint’s emotional angel.


Getting back, now he is caught between money and girl and power. I pity him, he could just criticize the Saint, only if he had taken a couple of emotional and ethical lessons, he would have been better.

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