Palanquin of Heaven by H.R. Krishna, One of the Finest Novels I’ve Ever Read

I would suggest you to read this novel right away, before anything I mention about it!

First things first, I’ve known H.R. Krishna for a long time now, and I’ve known his writing skills are not ordinary. I’d not been able to read his novel till now because I wasn’t comfortable reading Kindle books on mobile, and the paperback never came here. So when I bought Kindle, it was naturally one of the first novels on my mind.

Coming to the novel, it is a story of Raag – an orphan who refuses to give up in the face of worst calamities. Trained by his father first, then pirates, he manages to find himself in the worst of the situations, and yet come out of them. It is a story of Aditi – a princess raised by his father like a princess, the soul heir to his father’s dream – Chowdhary Constructions, someone who has failed in love so often and yet finds courage. There are other characters who come and go, leaving their mark on the lives of our leads.

‘Palanquin of Heaven’ is basically a love story, of longing, and yet for the most part of the novel – Raag and Aditi don’t meet. They are phone friends. There are strong elements of mysticism, of folklore, of sci-fi, and of elements that aren’t normal. Yet, the essential ingredients of the story happens to be the feeling these two share with each other.

It is a decent length novel, about four hours and thirty minutes reading time. It is paced so beautifully that you lose track of time, often at the mercy of the characters to continue their story. The novel ends on a happy, yet bitter note. I wouldn’t let open any form of spoilers. I’ll just tell you to find this novel, read it immediately. It is something of a different league. It deserves to be up there with the very best.

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