Rhyming You and I

Rhyming You and I

Wonder of a world of love
Where beauty is there, where purity is there
Wonder where still lives a dove
Where I am there, where you are there
Will you love me a pure beautiful non-existent love? What say?
Sweet thought, rhyme undone

Imagine when the world is small
Little little boats with everyone kin and kith
Imagine nature walks as one big mall
Little little ego-alter, world still on barter
With me, warmth, love, and a small wooden home, come stay?
Sweet thought, rhyme un-done

Picture one big fairytale, oh fairy
Prince charming-yours fights, prince charming-yours delights
Picture one big villain, very very scary
Prince charming with no sins, prince charming ultimately wins
Wish you be the beautiful fairy you are, I will fight any villain big or small?
Just say your thoughts, no rhymes and all
Sweet thought and rhyme done

Isshhh, again, un-done

Disappointed prince vanishes away
How long will he try his luck?
His luck, to him, does not obey
His lady cares for a rhyme, take it, luck-yuck
Pray continue

See, it is a common practical man
Feel his other struggles, feel how his heart dulls
See, he is your uncommon fan
Feel his heart of heart, feel, and don’t tear apart,
Wicked you, why not an imperfect world and an imperfect man, but a perfect love story?

Sweetest yet, thought, rhymed, you and me.

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