Street Photography at Connaught Place (Part of project Delhi at Night)

Hello Everyone.

I’m sorry for a delayed post- wasn’t really shooting that actively apart from a few commercial shoots. Hopefully I’ll bring some behind the scenes of commercial shoots for you. For the main pictures- hover over to Frame Raid Commercial Photography Services.

Anyway I was up shooting this wonderful Fashion Blogger Chanchal in CP, and since it was planned, I thought of kick-starting my plan Delhi at Nights! Here’s a picture from the Street Fashion Shoot- not from the final selection. Wind added to it, I’m thankful for the wind.

Ramwalk on Zebra Crossing- Shooting Gorilla

An ambience shot of beautiful CP. While I was having a drink, there was this beautiful pink hues in the sky. By the time I finished, they were gone. That’s the lesson- the nature doesn’t wait for you. If you’re wishing to include that in the settings, then make sure you do when you see it. Also, always carry a tripod.

Connaught Place during the Fading Light!

A shot of the various open stalls in the busy inner circle of Connaught Place is shown below.

The Elite Company of Posters!

Another Ambience but more of a street shot of Fading light is presented below. What I wanted to show was the structures as well as the movables, along with the movables that don’t move.

Hustle-Bustle of the CP!

Moving on to one of my favorite pictures from the evening- the one to which I gave the title Showstopper. At this old man’s counter- the world seemed to have stopped.


The next in line for Delhi at Night comes the Low-Key shot of the man who kind of attracted my attention due to the light and the smoke that was highlighting his frame.

Low-key Environmental Street Portrait

Among the failed attempts comes the shot of light trails. I’m sharing this because I haven’t done light trails properly ever- and if you follow my journey into this new project Delhi-at-Night, you will be able to appreciate more if you knew where I come from.

Terrible Composition- Successful Trails Capture!

The next picture is a perspective based- and again I’ll be doing well by improving my skills in such kinds of shots. Since the theme was Delhi-at-night, a lot of shots you’ll find in this which will be Low-key and dark. Another one, titled Aww-kward.


And the last picture is of panning shots. Another technique I haven’t used much, and kind of bad at, so here’s my attempt at it. Do rate and comment on my blog, while I’ll come back very soon with another story for you guys.


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