The Blue Hour Photography

Hello everyone, and welcome back here. I’m sure the consistency with which I make the posts amazes you. It amazes me so much that half of the time I’m too amazed to write, causing further delay.

Anyway this one is a quickie, a very short blog with two pictures. These were taken on a recce and not actual shoot for Delhi at Nights. Technically, these are part of the same project. Blue hour lends a completely different touch to the pictures, and therefore is one of the most beautiful times to take pictures. Taking architecture pictures during this time happened by accident, time wasn’t planned. Just coming across a beautiful frame held me in awe. Here is the first of the two images:

This is a beautiful building at Nehru Place. Just saw this beautiful building and clicked, with some trees and a pure blue background in the back. Beautiful choice of words, I know. Background in the back. The gear used for this is Canon 5D Mark III with Tamron 70-300 non-VR lens, on Vanguard Alta Pro tripod with a gun-head (yes, that’s my new possession, one of the major reasons for this blog.) A quality tripod helps you get your long exposure shots easily. There’s certainly no alternative to a tripod.

The second building is also shot at the same place around the same time. Duration of blue hour is so short that it’s hard to get more than a few decent frames during that time. Especially long exposure. Here is the other one:

I happen to love this picture for the way it has come out. My companion for the shoot, Devender Meena, has shot some beautiful pictures. From next blog, I’ll include some of his shots during the same time as mine. You will be able to appreciate how different people think at the same location, and one doesn’t need to copy a frame necessarily, there are often thousands of good frames at the same place. You may also be able to see how a talented a photographer he is, but I’m sure I’ll be back pretty soon. Frame Raid often keeps me busy, personal projects take up other space. So this blog is something that will take some effort to continue, but I really wish to do that.

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