The Search for Eagle Owl – Part 1

Welcome back everyone. This is going to be an amusing blog. The walk to Aravali Biodiversity Park- Gurgaon started with a single aim of finding the Eagle Owl. It had been spotted by several birding enthusiasts and photographers. And the bird is truly royal. So we took up our camera and set on a path (me and Devender).

The day went truly horrible, as it was really hot. We went towards the evening because owls are nocturnal. Yet we had to take precautions. But there was nothing to worry, we didn’t see the owl. That’s the most interesting part about birding, you can never be certain where to find the bird and whether you’ll find the bird at all- in the wild. Same thing holds true for wildlife too, actually.

Anyway, to start off, here’s the one of the four decent images from the day. A macro shot of a leaf that has served as food for several insects. I felt the monochrome would work better here and so went along with it.

In Service to Inhabitants!

The Aravali Biodiversity Park is a huge park. Having run a 10km trail run here, I know the experience and how it feels by the end. But it sometimes can give some beautiful glimpses. Like the one below

Ways of the Unknown World. Occasionally, Birders use this. Mostly, it’s camouflaged in the small ways in between the dense green.

While we were walking on and on, we came across several birds. Most of them were the ones that had been photographed earlier by me, and a lot of them were those whose pictures didn’t come out too well. And so the search for Eagle Owl blog will remain sans-birds. Here’s more of nature to consider though:

Life is Never Straight!

Nature gives so many beautiful opportunities to click pictures, or just put your camera aside, sit peacefully and observe. Sometimes having mere pictures doesn’t suffice. At other times, messing up with pictures can hurt real bad. That was what happened while we took another trip to Aravali. This trip was taken on 9th of March, this year. While we were enjoying tired and thirsty- and at times hungry, we did spot some people enjoying shows of their own.

Best Seat in the House!

I leave you with the lines that I used over the picture of twigs I shared earlier, written by myself only. The photo also presents another way of processing.

I’ll end it with this thought (written by me, not to be used without permission- any part of this blog)

Step by step,

Vivid details,

Canvas to life:


Will come back with part 2 soon- and whether we found the Eagle Owl and any other Aviary Species or not.

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