Wreck if Ralph: Go Game for it

Life is giving everyone reasons to add some grey to their shade card. Not for the Ralph, popular has Wreck it Ralph of the game Fix it Felix Jr. On the 30th anniversary of the game, the game’s villain decides to turn good. And in being good, he brings out the best of chaos and situational comedy.
Wreck it Ralph: One Game at a Time
Toy Story gave life to Toys; Megamind showed a villain could turn a hero. Wreck it Ralph has given life to the gaming characters, some of them much adored and loved and taking us down the memory lane, and given a way of turning good, while at the same time giving a simple lesson, which according to a Hindi muhawra is jiska kaam usi ko saaje, aur kare toh dande baaje, roughly translating into we should do our own work, else the results aren’t fruitful.
There is something for everyone. It’s not just a kid’s movie. Especially when you go down the memory lane watching your favourite characters come out and react. It’s a magical world. If you’ve ever played video games, 80s or 90s, and even the present ones, you do have a lot to relate to. Even if you haven’t played such games before, this Rich Moore directed film has a lot of humour for you.
In the film, when Ralph decides to turn good, he goes searching for a gold medal, a hero’s medal and finds one after messing up the other game called hero’s duty. He does another thing, unleashes a virus called Cy-bug, and carries it with him to another game Sugar Rush threatening the game, and whole arcade. Sgt Calhoun from Hero’s Duty and Taffyta Muttonfudge from Sugar Rush, along with Fix it Felix Jr from Fix it Felix Jr are then involved in a mad situational comedy with some brief bursts of emotional scenes in the rest of the film.
The look and feel of the characters can’t be faulted. In fact, technically, there’s hardly anything wrong. Whether it is the characters and the BG, the look and feel is amazing, the technicalities or the various stages of animation have been taken care of very nicely. Even the minor details are well looked after.
The stereo is amazing, as in; there is hardly any dullness, which is usually the case with stereo films. Obviously, stereo for an animated film these days is easy, but then, the cinematography looks technically correct for a non-stereo film, yet visually appealing for a stereo film, which is amazing.
The main winner of the film is its writing, written very honestly, carrying the choicest of humour and one-liner, the film also carries many messages hidden. It looks more like an old world story, which is to teach children about the various little characteristics one must possess in life.
It’s a must-watch film. Go out with family, and lighten yourself with this clean, pure entertainment.

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